WHO_IS /void/ is primarily graphic artist + designer Martine Bongard. Her approaches are in general experimental, sometimes philosophical and always functional.
/Phoenix/ (a display font) Mainly an experiment to create a font for editorial display use, with just a subtle little extra something added to it.
While You Slept
CULTURAL Tammie Tambourine Slipstream
/Bokks/ (a display font) Type created for a cultural magazine project.
Very griddy.
ABOUT The beauty of creation,
is that anything can exist within the space of nothingness.
And that from this nothingness,
anything and everything
may emerge.
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/While You Slept/ (Logo + Cd-Artwork/design) The artwork mainly consists of morphed waveforms from one of their songs. This to try to visualize the long journey towards perfection the band did have in prior to finally getting to release this album, which apparently took them a few years.
it starts with
POSTERS time being now cubic
/Tammie Tambourine/ (band visuals) Logo and visuals for an indie pop band.
/Slipstream/ (longboard) Artwork for the longboard “Buddy”, simply based on wishes from the distributor.
Phoenix 940
TYPOGRAPHY Bokks display
/courage/ (poster) A project.
Poster for the intro-duction fanzine, "it starts with". Made as a one of a kind, mounted on plywood (not portrayed here though). Studio Studio
visual_identities typography_
PROJECTS editorial_ posters_ cultural_design mostly_play
EDITORIAL it starts with_fanzine
/being now/ (poster) Private project.
Poetical/philosophical play with typo and means of existence.
/cubic/ (poster) Geomaterialism. Private project.
A project based on exploring geometry and composition.
IDENTITY Westerdals Kompetanse
/iLove/ (full book) A book about love & identity among Norwegian minority youth, designed for . The book portraits bravery, and the willingness to dare to make own decisions, despite of what family and/or society might expect. Thus the idea behind the layout and design is based on cards, as a metaphor of putting it all out there. Also, the editors wanted a more magazine like feel to it. Minotenk
/it starts with/ (fanzine) This is my part of the first collaborative project within . The theme for the fanzine was introduction, and thus the approach and expression is quite simplistic, though it is slowly building up. It is supposed to serve as a visualization of the start and process of an idea, both fragile and fruitful. For the release of the zine, I also made a poster to go with it.
Studio Studio
PLAY Gradient/geometry_2
/Westerdals Kompetanse/ (facelift) is a part of Westerdals Høyskole. Their wish was that their profile should be more integrated with the rest of the school, and the solution was then to link their visuals to the new school building, which mainly presents itself as black with yellow squares. Made as a part of id33 AS Westerdals Kompetanse
/InfoWorker AS/ (visual identity) is a young IT-consulting firm. Their profile was intended to not only differentiate, but also to stand out as a fresh input to a rather conservative line of business. The idea and intent behind this project, was to simply visualize the intelligence behind the surface of the screen, combining clues like 2D-architechture and systematized layeres.
Made as a part of id33 AS InfoWorker
/gradients + geometry/ (all play) The title mostly wraps it all up. Simply playing with shapes and such.
/gradients + geometry/ (all play) The title mostly wraps it all up. Simply playing with shapes and such.
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